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SL-Shipping & Logistics is a specialized company. Its expertise lies in industrial shipping and related maritime and transport sectors. We don’t know or do everything, but what we do, we do well.

Did you know that...

...over 90 % of the world trade is transported by the merchant world fleet - more than 5.5 billion tonnes annually of raw materials and manufactured goods. The maritime sector is a key-component of the international logistics.

Svante Lall
M.Sc., econ.
MBA Shipping Management

SL-Shipping & Logistics
Dry bulk brokerage and shipping consultancy

Dry bulk brokerage with added value services

• Dry bulk chartering solutions as Contract of affreightment, period or single voyage charters 

• Chartering operations and management of rawmaterial logistics for the process industry

• Our services cover both spot, period chartering and contract of affreightment

• Market insights and advisory services for charterers

Longstanding presence in the shipping world

Starting from studies and graduation in shipping economics at Åbo Akademi University, research experience in shipping economics, an international Masters degree in Shipping Management (Norway).

After that more than 15 years of practical experience from industrial shipping in the Finnish cement and lime industry and another 15 years as a shipbroker.

This work has brought me in close contact with many shipowners, port-operators and charterers in Europe.




6 A-levels college (Ekenäs Gymnasium) 1983

Business College (Åbo Handelsläroverk) 1984-86

M.Sc., econ./shipping economics, Åbo Akademi, University, 1991.

MBA in Shipping Management 1996, The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Partek educ.

Partek Management Program 4.2.1992 - 15.1.1993 Financial Business Magement Module 28.11.- 30.11.1995 FoCus QIT-program 24-25.6.1996 Partek Competence Program 2000-2001

Professional experience

University of Turku, Center for maritime studies, research assistent 1.1. - 20.4.1989 and 15.5. - 20.12.1989.

Partek Cement Ab, Ass. Purchasing/Shipping Manager 8.5.1990 - 31.8.1992.

Nordkalk Oyj Abp, Shipping Manager 1.9.1992 - 25.11.2005.

SL-Shipping & Logistics Oy Ab, Shipbroker 1.12.2005 -


Lall, Svante (1990), Faktorer som inverkar på energikolimporten och dess prisbildning - en specialstudie av farledsavgiftssystemets inverkan på energikolimport. Publications from the Center for Maritime Studies, University of Turku (B 24, 95 pages).

Ojala Lauri, Lall Svante, Svendsen Magnar, (1994), Baltic Bulk Shipping in the 1990's: How to match an ageing fleet with increasing demand. Article in the "European Shortsea Shipping", proceedings from the 2:nd European Research Roundtable Conference on Shortsea Shipping, Delft University Press - Lloyd's of London Press (ISBN 90-407-1050-3, 37 pages).

Lall Svante, Svendsen Magnar (1996), Sealynx - a new concept of shortsea bulk transport system. Paper submitted for the third European Research Roundtable Conference on Shortsea Shipping, 20-21.6.1996, Bergen, Norway (Delft University Press ISBN 90-407-1408-8, 22 pages).

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"God must have been a shipowner. He placed the rawmaterials far from where they were needed and covered two thirds of the earth with water."

[ Erling Naess ]

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